WhatsApp Send API or Click To Chat Automation using Selenium & C#

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  1. Victor says:

    Is there a way to send message to group ?, On python is possible, but i’m not sure in .net ?

    • Kaarthik says:

      Hi Victor,

      Yes you can send messages to groups. To send messages to groups you cannot use the “Click to Chat” method.

      “Click to Chat” method is especially for sending messages without saving the phone number in users contact list.

      The whole concept is constructed upon “Selenium“. We can use Selenium to execute all the actions we execute manually in a browser in an automated manner.

      Selenium is supported for Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript (NodeJs), Perl, PHP, and few other languages. In all these language, the above concept can be replicated.

      To send message to group we usually execute/perform the following actions in WhatsApp Web
      1. Login to WhatsApp Web
      2. Search for the group name
      3. Select the group name and enter the message to the send in chat area
      4. Click on the send button

      You need to write, code to replicate these 4 steps using Selenium in any programming language of your choice supported by Selenium.

      Soon I will come up with articles and examples on Whats App Automation using Selenium and Python.

  2. Hello, is there a way to close the session on web whatsapp. For example, when the program is closing.
    What would the code look like?
    Thank you!

  3. Haytham says:

    I got the following exception
    “_2Uo0Z” not found

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